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The First “PLC Session” will Discuss the GM Masterclass CARS & KICKS, Featuring Dr. D’Wayne Edwards and Ms. Suzette Henry Sharing the Story Behind the Creation of the Air Jordan XXI   



DETROIT, MI – Jan. 20, 2023 – Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design (PLC), in partnership with General Motors, today announced the first “PLC Session,” an open forum for prospective students interested in the GM Masterclass CARS & KICKS.

The first PLC Session, to be held online on Monday, Jan. 23, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, will be a conversation between PLC Founder and President Dr. D’Wayne Edwards and Ms. Suzette Henry, founder of the MLab Collective at PLC, on how cars can influence the creation of kicks.

They will share the story behind Michael Jordan’s love for cars and how that translated into the creation of the Air Jordan XXI.

Registration for this PLC Session is open here:

PLC Sessions are free open forums to help prospective students and creatives learn more about Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design (PLC). These sessions will cover a range of topics, including admissions at PLC, navigating through a design submission and expectations during PLC masterclasses.


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